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[EN] – IT Academic Day – Gdansk University – IV Edition

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I remember… four Years ago, when I was about 25kg lighter than now, and when I know NOTHING about .NET framework (today, i know SOMETHING), I came to the first edition of IT Academic Day in my Gdansk University. A bit more about – what is an IT Academic Day – You can find on this pages [PL] or in Bing . That time, when I was not a member of .NET Group I said – “Wow, I would like to create such event, or just to help in making this event” – this was my small dream. About 100 participants, couple fresh IT sessions and all for free! – that was cool.

The next Year, when I became a member of Kolor.NET Group I helped something in the ITAD. It was not a lot, I helped only with registration and in practice – nothing else. What is more I participated in periodically .NET Group meetings. I was also interested in – “How does it look like behind the group” – the answer for my question came to me last Year, when I became a Microsoft Student Partner.

I would like to present You some short info, what happened in the ITAD in Gdansk University this Year. In my previous posts [PL] I described how was in other ITAD’s from another way.

This Year

DSC_0005 it was the 4th time when this conference took place in our University. It became a fashion, because like in previous years also in this year the conference in our University started in the second week of December. This Year it was on Wednesday – 9th December. The preparing for the I-Day (ITAD-Day) started in October with booking place for the event, and with mailings to companies with question – “Would You like to present something about newest, useful and interesting IT”. The answer was of course Yes, or what is ITAD, but after short description the answer was “Of course Yes”.

The official opening

started at 10:20 (am). Dean PhD. Jędrzejowicz opened the conference and everything started quickly. The assembly hall, was filled to the last place (only some places were free!).

Oracle 11g

this seminar was presented by an Oracle DBA  – Bartłomiej Oles – from Acxiom Company and was the first topic in our ITAD. He presented in an clearly way, what is new in Oracle 11g, what is good and bad in this database explaining from new SQL commands through some cryptography issues to security.

Imagine Cup 2010

was the next seminar after short break presented by an Microsoft Poland employee – Bartłomiej Zass. He nicely presented the idea of the competition, and presented some interesting movies and categories. The disadvantage of this seminar was, that it ended in the hottest time because many students asked him for some hints, and there was no time left to continue. Bartek was surprised about the frequency and questions.

XNA Game Studio and RPG Games

DSC_0034 was preseted by another Microsoft employee – Rafał Czupryński. Many students was really interested in – how to create a game. He nicely presented the history of computer gaming – but maybe more about PC games. After the short introduction he presented, how step-by-step create a simple and cool game.

Managing Software Development in a funky way

this was a special event. Like in last Year we decided to create a special – English – event. We’re trying to invite an IT/Security specialist who would tell us many interesting stories and situations in real – IT live. This Year we invited Peter Horsten – director at IT company – Goyello. He presented in a funky way how to manage software development, and told many real-life situations.

Designing Databases (and not only them) with Visual Studio 2010

was the last seminar presented by member from our .NET Group – Cezary Ołtuszyk. He presented what’s new in Visual Studio in category – designing applications with some new database designing functions. He told everyone the good and bad sites of such kind of programming.

The last session closed the IV edition of ITAD in Gdansk University. During the whole time we gave some gifts to the public sponsored by Microsoft, Acxiom and Goyello. I hope, that my successor will make a better conference in the next Year, because this was my last ‘self-made’ ITAD conference.

How it looks behind?

If You are interested, how it looks behind the scene then I must disappoint You. Unfortunately this is my secret. But what can I say – this Year my Group Members helped me a lot (this is the reason, why I’m writing “we started”,”we created” and not “I”). Thanks’ to (names sorted alphabetically): Adam, Ania, Czarek, Damian, Ewelina, Kamil, Konrad, Marek, Marta, Marta, Michał, Wojtek for Your help. It took about two months to organize this event and without You I probably would not create this!

What happened after

the conference. We meet with a Microsoft Employee ( Jasiu :) ) by beer and discussed about … .

OMG, when I read my ITAD summary, I see that I’m lost of words. Too many C# language, too small English in practice make, that I’m writing in ‘Cripple-English’. I’m surprised, that You read to the last line. I hope, that this was not a Brain-F*ck reading :)

Some statistics: during the four Years about 900 people (students included :) ) came only to ITAD in our University.


ITAD gallery (updated successfully) : http://cid-e1e9b93e0c6c2d55.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Public/Gallery/ITAD2009 

Materials (updated successfully) : http://cid-e1e9b93e0c6c2d55.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Public/Presentations/2009/ITAD

[PL] http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/IT_academic_day 

[PL] http://www.microsoft.com/poland/edukacja/it_academic_day.aspx 

[PL] http://itad.pl

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