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#EN Simple project for Simple CSV

It was time when I have to use CSV files in my project. There were plenty of available libraries for .NET, but to simplify the process of writing and reading data to and from CSV file to an existing object the best way was to use serialization.

The CSV format is described on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values, it’s not so complicated, so I decided to write a library, that enables reading and writing CSV files with serialization. Source code libraries and documentation, are available on project’s web page http://simplecsv.codeplex.com/.

But Why to use CSV?

– it’s simple
– it’s an common format
– readable by Microsoft Office and Open Office (also in notepad)

The release 1.0.0 is not stable yet, but existing functionality will not be changed till it’s final release.

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