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[EN] New Year – new challenges – plans

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GoyelloWe have February now  (wow more than 1/12 of the Year 2011 is over!) , but now I’m able to write something in my blog about the last Year and this years changes and plans. Since my last blog post, I became a different person. Why?

The last days of 2010…

MeritumBankI was a developer in Meritum Bank – where I was responsible for developing an internal bank system. This was my first real job, where I met many new friends and of course I’ve gained some experience. I worked there since May – 2008 (well, I started on 21 April 2008) – with a group of ambitious people (mostly, my colleagues from studies) we made a part of external Bank system – named Feniks, and later we developed the internal system. Unfortunately I can’t write a lot because this is a bank secret. Certainly, probably for ever, I will look back in memories for the last 2.5 years (‘first love will never rust’ ;] ) In the last Year also some other chapters from my life were closed – cooperation with Microsoft as a Microsoft Student Partner, I graduated my studies and got master degree in computer science. But the Year finished very quickly and another change to my life came.

New Year – new job – new challenges

With the beginning of this Year I changed my job. Probably the job found me. About Goyello I heard two Years ago when I was a Microsoft Student Parter. I’ve got contact to this company from a .NET Group member and I said to myself – ok, lets look who they are. Well Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft certifications work in real .NET, and additionally they programmed in PHP and Java – this made me crazy. The cooperation began – and as a result they participated in some meetings (Maciej, Agnieszka) and also in ITAD  (Peter – the Director) – about this event I wrote some time ago a post. Last year they searched for additional .NET developers  (hey, they are still looking for) – I thought – let’s try… and as result I’m working here. The first days were not easy. I realised that there is a lot to do, and the work is different. But I was really surprised since the first day – the ‘Welcome cake’, birthday gift, pizza meetings and yesterday – party in Immersion club in Sopot. Thank’s to our girls (Dorota, Kasia – hey they are quite more) in the near future probably we will have some other surprises.

Plans and the future

There is a lot to do, probably not all will be achieved:

  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Codeplex projects – I have two projects in my head, but this is a secret now – I have to finish my first project.
  • More posts in blog – there are some posts in queue, but there is no time to finish them
  • Training English skills – because as You see there is a lot to do
  • Participate as a speaker on IT events – this was neglected by me last Year
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