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Another chunk of interesting links – Apr 2013

earthTime is running – we have April now – almost summer, but still snow ouside. Since last post I have created another package of links. Check this out, maybe you will find something interesting.



MVVM frameworks:

It is hard to choose which one to use. Some have advantages in one area, some are simpler, some are more flexible. If you want to build your own framework or look at some implementation take a look at those:


  • Better unit testing with Microsoft fakes – if you are a beginner or want to dig deepre inside this topic, just grab a free e-book
  • ‘Free’ IT books – if you are interested in a specific IT book then maybe probably this one is there. Well I am curious if the content is legal there, but…


  • Internet Explorer 10 – is finally available for Windows 7.
  • http://www.modern.ie/en-US – if you want to download only a virtual machine with IE 10 or IE 8 just go there. Additionally you can check your page for problems with IE.
  • Automatize file download or browse HTML DOM from powershell using a simple command Invoke-WebRequest

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